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With All I Am

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"I am NOT defined by where I live —
whether Beverly Hills or Homeless Shelter. 
I fully, simply and beautifully ... AM."



Shari Rightmer  is a professional, thought-provoking, inspirational speaker and story teller.  As an author of several booklets and inspirational messages, Shari serves as a spirited advocate of lifting up others, and ourselves, to all we are meant to be.  Shari brings a surge of energy and vision through powerful messages and a motivational presentation.

Her unique, authentic, and creative approach allows her experiences to be delivered in a manner that engages audiences in a very powerful and moving way.  Her electrifying presentations will allow the possibility to never see people and situations the same ever again.

Shari, through her unique speaking and story telling style, offers all audiences a fresh new way to think and see differently.  Every thought is a CHOICE. Every thought is Powerful. Every thought is an opportunity to be all you were meant to be, and to live as your highest and best self.  Presentation topics include: I Only See What I Believe I Am, I Can Move Mountains...Why?,  There Are No Victims, Nothing is Broken, Be Authentic, Choice and many, many more.

" See The Beauty in Everything and Everyone "

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Photos of homeless taken by Rex Hohlbein